At Advanced Hearing Aid Center we provide a range of quality services that comprehensively supports your hearing health.

Our practice focuses on utilizing the latest hearing technologies, combined with individualized care to offer services that identify and effectively treat your hearing health-related challenges. We understand the impact hearing loss can have on daily life, relationships, and health. The services we offer focus on providing tailored hearing solutions that meet your specific needs and enhance your quality of life. Our services include the following:
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Hearing Tests
Hearing tests allow us to evaluate your hearing health. Different tests are performed to identify any hearing loss, the type, and the degree of impairment in each ear. This involves using painless and noninvasive processes that measure your hearing capacities. A common test that is used involves having you listen (via headphones) to sounds played at different volumes. You will be asked to indicate what you can hear and this measures the softest sounds you can hear - identifying your hearing threshold. Once we establish the specifics of your hearing loss, we can develop a treatment to meet your hearing needs.
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Hearing Aid Fittings
Based on the results of your hearing evaluation, we will recommend hearing aid options that are best for your hearing needs. During your hearing aid fitting, you will receive your hearing aids and we will ensure that your device is both comfortable and performing optimally. We do this by checking the fit and adjusting the earpiece and tubing if needed as well as programming your device to properly amplify the sounds that are more challenging for you to hear. Our experts will run tests to evaluate how well your hearing aids are meeting your needs and adjust accordingly. During the hearing aid fitting, you will also learn everything about your device including how to best take care of them and use any of the features it comes with. We want you to get the most out of your hearing aids and take the time to make sure you are comfortable with them.
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Hearing Aid Anatomy
Hearing Aid Repair
After you become familiar with your hearing aids, you will likely notice if they aren’t working the way they should. Though hearing aids are durable devices, they are subjected to daily wear and tear. So they may need repair work or professional servicing over time. Our practice provides in-house hearing aid repairs and for more serious issues, we can send your device to the manufacturer. If you notice any issues with your hearing aids, we encourage you to bring your device in so we can evaluate it. Hearing aids can accumulate substances like earwax or moisture which we have specific training and tools to thoroughly and carefully remove as well as clean. Your hearing aids may also need occasional adjusting or reprogramming if your hearing needs shift over time.
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Tinnitus is a symptom caused by an underlying medical condition. This ringing, buzzing, whistling, or clicking-like noise can be heard in one or both ears when no external sound is present. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 15% of people (50 million) experience tinnitus. Tinnitus can be caused by numerous factors including hearing loss, ear infections, specific medications, and accumulated earwax. Ranging from mild to chronic, tinnitus can take a toll on sleep, hearing, communication, and mood. There are effective ways tinnitus can be managed including treating hearing loss, investing in tinnitus management hearing aid features, and tinnitus retraining therapy.
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Custom Hearing Protection
Custom hearing protection is one of the best ways to protect your hearing health. Loud noise exposure is a common cause of hearing loss, it can also exacerbate existing hearing loss and symptoms. We are exposed to varying levels of noise in everyday life and some of this noise can be hazardous for hearing health. Loud noise can damage sensory cells in the inner ear which are crucial to processing sound waves. Custom hearing protection provides maximum protection by offering a tailor-made barrier, reducing the amount of noise that is absorbed. Options include earmolds and earplugs which are custom-made to fit you perfectly and comfortably.
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Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are technologies that support hearing. ALDs range from personal amplifiers, to hearing loops, amplified phones, and alerting devices as well as ALDs for watching TV. These technologies are designed to make the sound more accessible in both public and private environments. Most ALDs are also compatible with hearing aids, providing even greater hearing support.
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Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez
November 5, 2021.
I had been able to obtain hearing aids from other resources. But with a serious case of tinnitus and a loss of hearing high pitched sounds, I decided to try and enhance my quality of life by seeking a stronger solution to those problems. Jeff has absolutely, and professionally, helped with those ailments. His treatment and relationship with me is professional yet "old school" caring and courteous. Any problem is quickly taken care of. While there is no cure for tinnitus I feel Jeff has given me the best solution for moving forward with minimum discomfort. I can now enjoy my grandkids even more. I highly recommend Jeff and the Glendora Advanced Hearing Aid Center.
Guy Bryant
Guy Bryant
June 30, 2021.
After visiting Advanced Hearing Aid Center and meeting with Jeff Kim, I knew I was dealing with a true professional. He takes his position very seriously, is current with technology and understands all the products available in the market. He’s a sommelier in the hearing business if you will and pairs your hearing needs with the right hearing aids. Extremely impressed with every interaction with Jeff and would recommend Advanced Hearing Aid Center in Glendora to anyone that requires assistance with any hearing issues.
Imran Ali Khan
Imran Ali Khan
May 19, 2021.
This is an excellent hearing aid center - the office is friendly and professional. I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff Kim HIS at the Advanced Hearing Aid Center, and he is great! Both of my hearing aids (ReSound LiNX Quattro) went through the tests and he explained everything that was going on. I felt at ease and I knew I was in good hands. If you are thinking about getting your hearing aids test or believe you are suffering from hearing loss, you should definitely give Jeff Kim a call. 👂🏼 #AdvancedHAC #CheckYourHearing #HearWellStayVital #ReSound
Joseph Tanous
Joseph Tanous
April 28, 2021.
I had contacted Jeff in need of some hearing aid maintenance and hearing tests performed as it was years since seeing an audiologist. Jeff was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating with all of my needs. It is hard nowadays to find an audiologist who is up to date on all there is to know and that has multiple resources under their belt, I was extremely satisfied with my visit that Jeff and Advanced Hearing Glendora will now be my go to spot for all audiology and hearing aid needs!
gary lewis
gary lewis
March 26, 2021.
While searching for a hearing aid specialist I chose Advanced Hearing Aid Center do to fact they didn't have a 2 week waiting list. Jeff has got to be the greatest person I have ever dealt with in the medical care profession. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his field, he takes his time and really makes you feel that your hearing is as important to him as it is to you. If you need hearing aids Jeff is the one to see!
Deb Legarra
Deb Legarra
March 19, 2021.
I have been going to Advance Hearing Aid Center in Glendora for several years. I have found Jeff to be very helpful in getting the right type of hearing aid when I needed my old one replaced. He explained in detail how the new one worked compared to the old one. I have been impressed by his level of service. I highly recommend him. Note: This is Richard Legarra and I don't know why it comes up with my wife's name. I cannot change it.
Paula Jean Mojarro
Paula Jean Mojarro
March 17, 2021.
My husband has been a patient of Dr. Kim's for over a year now and we have the highest regard for Dr. Kim and the Advanced Hearing Aid Center. He has always treated my husband with great care and compassion and has always guided us in the right area where my husband's hearing is concerned. We have been to other hearing centers in the past and were not satisfied. We highly recommend Dr Kim - Advance Hearing Aid Center
Kate Patton
Kate Patton
October 25, 2019.
I love coming here to see Jeff, he TRULY cares about each patient and goes above and beyond to make sure each patient has the best experience and hearing outcome! I have referred numerous people to Jeff and they say the same thing. If you want a TRUE PROFESSIONAL who cares you’ve found the right place for your hearing aid needs.